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About Us

WasherGirl is a laundromat start up comprised of professional experts having professional vast knowledge and experience in clothing care. Regardless of your material, ranging from the super light to the tough duvets,  towels and even our traditional ceremony respected aso-oke. Stain-free utmost care with top notch customer service is guaranteed.

Our vision is to be an household name and as our motto states, rewrite laundry history.

Laundry 100%
Ironing 100%
Selfservice 100%
Customer service 100%


Self Service

As a walk-in client in our superiorly serene and comfortable station, you have the liberty to handle our state of the art machines to do your laundry as it best pleases you.


We believe you have work to do and places to be so you can trust us with your laundry. Drop them off with Washergirl and let her do what she does best!

Pick up

From the comfort of your home or work place, you can reach out to us to get your laundry, work our magic within designated time and deliver it to you clean and crisp.

Stain Removal

When your cherished materials go through the unthinkable and it seems difficult for tough stains to be removed, we are here to take the burden off you. We also give tips and tricks on how to manage this in public. Something like first aid.

Fabric Care

For safety storage, future retrieval, and that type of professional care that makes your favorite and best worn materials look new always, we offer thats service too. 

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Frequently asked questions:

Yes! We are able to wash comforters /blankets of all sizes and other tough materials you might not be sure of.


You can please either check our packages, call our customer care line or have a walk-in visit.

Mondays to Sundays 8am-6pm

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